Couchbase 4 unable to get documents

Couchbase version: 4.0.0-4051 Community Edition (build-4051)
OS : Ubuntu 14.04,
Single server(single node)

Couchnode : 2.1.3
Nodejs : v5.3.0
OS on my laptop : Arch Linux

I am able to connect and the bucket is returned but, when I use get operation on the bucket(or any other operation for that matter), am not getting any result and after some time, the socket hangs up with below message :-
{[Error: socket hang up] code: ‘ECONNRESET’}

Please let me know if someone has a solution to this issue.

Thanks & regards.

Okie, I switched my node.js version to v4.2.4, recompiled the couchbase sdk and its working now.