Upgrading to Couchbase Server 4.0

We are thinking about upgrading our 3.0.1 version to 4.0.0. We use Java SDK 2.1.4.
Is Couchbase 4.0 backwards compatible with this SDK (we don’t use deprecated methods).

Hi @eyalrubichi

Official full support for Couchbase Server 4.0 is starting in the Java SDK 2.2.x branch.

However, we did make the 2.1 line compatible, in the sense that it won’t have support for new features but should be able to work with a 4.0 cluster, but basically just allowing key/value operations and views. It shouldn’t be thrown off by MDS, which has the most potential for causing trouble (with MDS, some nodes can entirely miss the K/V and view services).

Important: The SDK you are using, 2.1.4, isn’t the latest and thus isn’t fully compatible with cbserver 4.0 compatibility (known bugs with MDS especially).

So you should upgrade to latest 2.1.6 at a minimum, and 2.2.3 if you plan on using N1QL, GSI indexes, etc…

In the later case, this isn’t a bump between bugfix versions anymore so the migration implies a few code and behavior changes, make sure to read release and migration notes from 2.2.0 upward here.