Writing data to an older version of couchbase

We are currently using Couchbase version 2.5.1 and our .Net application is writing data which is then being read by Websites (using couchbase API).

The question I have is once we upgrade our version to Couchbase 4.0, how does it impact :

  • Our data writing mechanism - we are using the .Net DLL to write data to CB - can we continue using the same DLL ? or will the DLL need to be upgraded?
  • Web is reading the data using CB API, how does that impact the web ?

Thanks !

@murtazamm -

Which version of the .NET SDK are you using?

If you are using v2.X of the SDK, you shouldn’t have any issues. For the most part the same is true for v1.3.X of the SDK, however any new features available in Couchbase Server will not be available for use with v1.3.X because all new development is being done on v2.X.

I am not quite sure I understand the question…the data itself will not be changed by the upgrade.