Couchbase 4.0 Beta firewalls and GSI

It seems I need to open port 9999 between the nodes in order to get GSI indexing to work, as seen in the indexer.log

2015-06-08T13:55:30.759Z+01:00 [Error] KVSender::closeMutationStream Error Received Post http://:9999/adminport/shutdownTopicRequest: dial tcp connection refused from :9999

I cant seem to find an equivalent doc like this for the beta.

Are there any other ports over and above the ports required for 3.0 that I need to open.

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In answer to my own question

9100 Internal index admin port
9101 Internal index scan port
9102 Internal index HTTP port
9103 Internal index build port
9104 Internal index build port
9105 Internal index maintenance
9998 Internal REST port

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@colm Can you confirm if port 9999 is required for GSI?

@matthew, @ianmerrington,

Yes, port 9999 is used by GSI for internal admin.

Cheers guys, I will get them all opened and give it another go.

All good, indexes building nicely

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