Couchbase 2.0.1 on Mac admin interface doesn't work

Just downloaded Couchbase 2.0.1 for Mac for development use. I launched it once from the downloads folder, but then exited from the menu bar, and moved the app to the Applications folder. After that, I can launch it and it pops up in the menu bar, but it seems the admin web interface is dying. Immediately after launching, I’ll see the welcome to couchbase screen, and I will briefly see beam.smp running on port 8091, but then it dies shortly afterwards.

finally:~ jmartens$ sudo lsof -i :8091
beam.smp 48483 jmartens 32u IPv4 0xd49a5319d5afc4a5 0t0 TCP *:8091 (LISTEN)

Not sure where logs or anything go.

Had the same problem, ended up running it on ubuntu in parallels.

If I recall correctly it does not work on macosx atm. I could be wrong but thats the answer I remember reading when eventually giving up and going with a vm.


Can you give us more information about your environment?
I am running on Mac OS X 10.8.4 without any issue.

Is it a fresh install? do you have other products that use Erlang? (for example RabbitMQ) ?

If you can, can you be sure you delete the install folder :

Since I do not understand the source of the issue, I cannot guarantee that it will solve your issue.


I have never installed any Erlang products that I know of, and this is a new machine for me.

After removing everything in the ~/Library/Application Support/Couchbase/ directory, I was able to run the server successfully. Perhaps running it from a different location previously messed it up? Anyway, it’s working for me now, thanks.