CoreData / CBLIncrementalStore on Couchbase Mobile 2.0 for iOS/macOS?

I am a happy user of the CBLIncrementalStore CoreData overlay …
that seems to have disappeared in the current GitHub feature/2.0 branch:
Are there plans to update the CBLIncrementalStore for Couchbase Mobile 2.0? (please!)
A Swift version would of course be also welcome.

If there are no plans, is there a recommended migration strategy?
Many thanks!

We stopped development of CBLIncrementalStore last year, as there were some difficult technical problems in some areas, and we didn’t see a lot of use of it and needed to focus our resources. (@pasin would know more about the technical issues, which I think related to queries.)

I’m pretty sure the implementation uses only public APIs (it actually started out as a third-party contribution), so it should be feasible to port it to CBL 2. And querying should be a lot easier to support, as our new query functionality is a lot closer to the way NSFetchRequest works. (We currently even have a CBLPredicateQuery class that builds queries from NSPredicates.)

This probably isn’t the answer you hoped for, but it’s the best we can do with the resources we have. :confused: