Controller/cancelXDCR Method Not allowed with XDCR API


Im trying to setup Continous Integration. So I Need to be able to delete a XDCR. (In order to re initiate a replication)

According to the documentation I do a
curl -u myLogin:mypassword http://myServer:8091/controller/cancelXDCR/13a9317d20b3307fba55437f52bbabab/myBucket/myRemoteBucket -X DELETE

This request however gives me a “Method Not Allowed” error message.

I Can do other request successfully like Delete Cluster reference, create cluster reference, create XDCR replication.

Any Ideas ?

OK Found the answer my self.
The last slashes indeed has to be url encoded like its shown in the documentation. So the correct request is

http://myServer:8091/controller/cancelXDCR/13a9317d20b3307fba55437f52bbabab%2FmyBucket%2FmyRemoteBucket -X DELETE

Where ‘/’ are replaced with %2F

Glad you found it and it does seem to match the docs. Perhaps there’s room for enhancement here so others don’t end up in the same confusing place. What do you think @alkondratenko?

AFAIK docs folks are already aware of this. If fact it might be fixed already.