Setting XDCR protocol via rest api

Hi im following
But i miss a way to specify protocol =version 1 like it possbile from teh web management page.
I Need that in order to setup replication to elasticsearch using the CouchbaseTransport plugin for elasticsearch.

Has anyone accomplished this ?

hello, you’re right the 2.5 manual is missing that parameter and I’ve opened a ticket to fix-it in our Jira

You can refer to our new docs which has the parameter documented -

Here is the specific REST Call:

curl -v -X POST -u admin:password1
-d uuid=9eee38236f3bf28406920213d93981a3
-d fromBucket=beer-sample
-d toCluster=remote1
-d toBucket=remote_beer
-d replicationType=continuous
-d type=capi [version1=capi, version2=xmem]

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Thx mann That did it

-d type=capi