Community 4.5.1 initializing cluster and adding servers not working correctly

We automate our Couchbase clusters for both Enterprise and Community. I have been able to fully automate all Enterprise releases with not issues in our typical format, however with the Community 4.5.1 release I have found that the cluster does not initialize correctly nor will it add nodes using all three services.
I have confirmed the initialize by trying to logging into the initial node in the cluster and the GUI ask me to setup the cluster when this should have already been done. I can see the command ran successfully in Chef but the cluster is not initialized. So this will prevent any other node from being added. However even setting up the cluster manually the server add is failing with:
Error: Community Edition requires that all nodes provision all services or data service only
It will add if I only use data but not all three with or without quotes
I have even tried the --index-storage-setting flag to no avail.

How is it community is failing when it is the same build, 2844, as Enterprise? Has anybody else experienced this issue?

At a guess this might be related to the fact that with CE doesn’t support Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS), and as such you always run all services (Data, Query, Index) on every node.

If you attempt to initialise a node without all services it’ll fail (under CE).

This is running it with all 3 services selected.

“It will add if I only use data but not all three with or without quotes”

With Community 4.5.1 you have to now add the FTS service for both cluster-init and server-add
This isn’t defined in the documentation
I will do a pr to correct this