Cluster with different CPU usage on nodes

I have a cluster with 5 server nodes, but i encountered a very different CPU usage on all node.
In some nodes will be in a range from 5 to 20% while on the other from 50 to 100%
It’s normal ?
Thanks for the advice

Hello Alessandro,

No that is not normal if the cluster is configured properly. What version of Couchbase Server is this ? In 4.x and later, are the same MDS Services (Data/Query/Index) running on all nodes ? I would check to see if your CPUs are the same model and number of cores on each Couchbase Server node. Then I would check in the UI that all the nodes running the data service in the cluster have equal number of vBuckets and last I would see that the number of operations per second are equal across all nodes in the cluster.

i use a 4.0.0-4051 Community Edition (build-4051) version
and the CPU are the same and are all Vm

I have the same issue. My cluster has 3 nodes, they all have the same processor, the same amount of RAM, SSD. One node has 30-40% of CPU usage, while the two remaining has less than 10%. While writing this post number of ops where more-less equal, but it is very uncommon - usually this first server runs more ops than others. The first node has also more connections than the others.
I have CB 4.1.0-5005 Community Edition (build-5005), my app is running on nginx with PHP 5.6.27 run as fpm, couchbase SDK 2.2.2.
What is also strange, this first server has 10K TIME_WAIT connections, while the others, few tens.
All servers are phisical devices, dedicated to run couchbase service solely.