Checkpoint issue

Hi… Our configuration requires us to have two independent connectors (both running in solo mode). Each connector feeds data into its own elasticsearch. But both the connectors are pulling data from the same bucket in couchbase. Now if the first connector finishes reading all the documents from the bucket and after this if we start the second connector, the second connector is not able to feed anything into its elaaticsearch. Could it be because of the checkpoint document inserted by the first connector …

Hello @Asha_Rathesh welcome to the forums.

On you question I believe they are running on two different machines / VM (basicall seperate process with separate Configuration files). Can you see what the group name is and try to change them to be different for each process ?

name = ‘landmark-example-group’

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Thank you AV25242. Yes the connectors are running on different machines and were not intended to be part of the the same group. I had left the group name as default for both the connectors. Will try changing that and see how it goes. Will also use the metaDataBucket option that will save the checkpoint docs in a separate bucket.

Sure, let me know how it goes

Thanks… that worked… looks like group name is part of the checkpoint document id. Also configured the checkpoints to be saved in separate bucket

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