CentOS 6 init.d script status issue


I’m trying to write a script that will monitor the state of various services using couchbase-server init.d script. It seems like the init.d script’s status always reports “couchbase-server-community is not running” even though it is. Does anyone know if this is a bug in the script?

I am facing same issue and service is running fine and no issue but when i checked service status it says “couchbase-server0community” is not running.

I am running Centos 6 with couchbase server 4.0 and sync 1.1.1

Any help would be good.

couchbase 4.0 CE has this issue. change _init.d script file like below

and also deamon file /opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-server like below

you can try 4.1.0 where issue is fixed.