Couchbase processes not running fully

When do confirm all couchbase processes are running. because sometime we could see that node init is getting failed due to connection refused but becomes available after sometime. how do we see whether all processed are running?

does iptables or firewalld has disabled?

all required ports are enabled. this happens during container launch. all required cli/REST apis works after some time . time varies between seconds to minutes.

i have met the problem same with you before , that was i set wrong policy in iptables , your couchbase is on docker?

i agree that iptables will be one of issue in this type of issues . but here issue is, without any changes , couchbase will be functional after some time. it is just taking some to some time comeup fully.
also that time i can see, couchbase status as running and even port 8091 was accessible. but still REST api’s fails to operate.
i just wanted to know how can i see whether all couchbase processes are functional.