Cbdocloader "Failed to load data, see log for details"

I want to import a zip filled with .json files into existing Mybucket. But every time i try the following command, i get the “Failed to load data, see log for details” .

cbdocloader -c localhost:8091 -u Administrator -p password -b MyBucket -m 100 -d /…PathToZip/JSONfiles.zip

Hi @iwanna_ster,

cbdocloader is only really meant to be used to load the Couchbase sample data sets and not generic information. If you could tell me what server version you are using as well as the type of data you are trying to load I can recommend the best way to import it into Couchbase.

As a final note cbdocloader accepts the -v flag that will enable logging to stdout.

Hi @iwanna_ster,

As @Carlos_Gonzalez points out only cbdocloader supports zip files but it really isn’t intended for customer data sets only our canned examples.

Although you could unzip the archive “/opt/couchbase/samples/travel-sample.zip” and determine the “structure” needed, I would also highly recommend you don’t go down this path as the internal format of these ZIP files are subject to big changes come Couchbase 7.0

IMHO you could easily write a shell script to extract your ZIP file and load any data files found via the cbimport utility however you need to take care on key generation i.e. the “-g” flag.


Jon Strabala