CB110 - cbdocloader not importing any documents

I am trying to import the sample data in CB110. The data it has us insert is the couchmusic2 set. Here is the output I get when I use the verbose flag in the command line in Windows.

C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin>cbdocloader -u Admin -p password -c 127.0.
0.1:8091 -b couchmusic2 -m 512 -v -d C:\Users\vancec\Documents\CB110\CB110DataWi
2017/05/24 11:10:07 Creating couchmusic2 bucket
2017/05/24 11:10:13 Bucket couchmusic2 created
2017/05/24 11:10:13 Loading data into the couchmusic2 bucket
2017/05/24 11:10:13 Loaded 0 items into the couchmusic2 bucket
Data loaded succesfully

Any help in getting this data to import is appreciated. I had read in another forum that the issue may be with the sample documents provided not having an id field. I did try installing the beer-sample data and that seemed to work fine but that was from the console and not using cbdocloader.