Cbdocloader doesn't work

I was trying to load some json document (in c:\iscritti\ folder) into a bucket I created named “iscritti” and this is the result:

C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin>cbdocloader -c -u xxx-p xxxx -b iscritti -m 512 -d c:\iscritti
Bucket creation failed, see log for details

What is wrong? And where Can i find the logs for this?

Thank you!

Thanks for using our product.
To get better this issue, could you provide us more information about the operating system, Couchbase Server version and the format of data file.
The format of data file could view at cbdocloader.exe --help


Can you rerun the command with the -v flag please, this will print the logs to stdout:

cbdocloader -c -u xxx-p xxxx -b iscritti -m 512 -v -d c:\iscritti