Use cloud server config couchbase server cluster question

I use the TENCENT cloud server (like the AWS) install couchbase server 5.0.1, and install same on another server. but when I add a server to cluster, it’s prompt error :
my server use IP Address mapping. it means my server has two ip address, one is internet ip, and other is local network ip. above Screenshot ip ( is local network address, It seems the cluster server use apply to,but the couchbase server manager UI at the 60.xx.74.139:8091,
and web console UI display IP address also local IP address,not my internet IP address.
how can I resolve is error?

thanks for you reply!

Hi @angular,

I think this is the same issue being faced in this thread: Make cluster nodes to communicate with each other by private network and allow client connections from public network.

thank you! I’ll try.

hi @matthew.groves:
has this issue resolve by couchbase 5.5.0-beta? thank you!


I don’t think so, but it’s worth a try.