Cannot understand how to use SGLOAD on Windows, please help


I want to preform some load testing on my sync gateway server. I found out that there are two availbale tools for now.

This one seems to be the newest:

I have never user Go lang before, but i was able to install it.

But when I run this command go get -u -v, I got some errors in my cmd: (download)

D:\Go\gopath\src\\couchbaselabs\sgload\sgload\sg_datastore.go:76:27: cannot use logHook (type func(*log.Logger, *http.Request, int)) as type retryablehttp.RequestLogHook in assignment
D:\Go\gopath\src\\couchbaselabs\sgload\sgload\sg_datastore.go:728:51: cannot use loggerFunc (type func(string, string, …interface {})) as type sgreplicate.Replication in argument to sgreplicate.ReadBulkGetResponse

So how can I start it and install correctly? I am using Windows 10.

Moreover I decided to test this project as well:

I event found its binary in GOPATH folder: **%GOPATH%/bin/gateload.exe
i used default workload config from

I run it and got the folloiwng in my cmd:

2020/06/02 14:07:24 Setting GOMAXPROCS to 12
2020/06/02 14:07:24 startStatsdClient() called
2020/06/02 14:07:24 active users are: map[3:true 6:true]
2020/06/02 14:07:24 uanble to find oldest active user at 39m41s: [[{start: 0s - end: 25s}
, {start: 1m50s - end: 1m59s}
, {start: 3m13s - end: 3m21s}
, {start: 4m16s - end: 4m32s}
, {start: 4m58s - end: 4m59s}
, {start: 5m32s - end: 5m44s}
, {start: 7m19s - end: 7m35s}
, {start: 9m8s - end: 9m35s}
, {start: 11m34s - end: 11m45s}

And nothing happens. Please help someone who uses these tools :slight_smile:

Both of those (internal) tools were primarily intended for applying write load to older versions of Sync Gateway. Since the addition of Shared Bucket Access in Sync Gateway 1.5, it’s possible to just apply the load directly to the bucket via Couchbase Server’s load tools, and let import generate mobile metadata for those documents.