Sync gateway monitoring and stats

Hi Team,

I have used SGload, gateload to do load test on sync gateway. But realtime monitoring does miss from it. I want to know how many connection have been made and what kind of request are fulfilled and how much time it took.

I understand that SGCollect info tool is available but its very cumbersome to install and use it, apart from this the documentation of SGCollect_info is not descriptive enough which can help a clear run of sg collect info. Can we have a common set up of SG Collect info which can install all the dependency in one go?

If there is an another tool which can help me collect and visualize stats/timings to decide how many sync gateway nodes need to be installed.

I am doing this because we are looking to create a chat app which will have around 6000 users. And 1 sync gateway with 4 core and 4 GB ram should handle 5000 connection. We will have 2 SG instances, Which can cover the User base we are looking for, But the main question is what if all 6000 users are online? How much latency is there? how much load can the system takes?

I come from a SQL Server background and it have some awesome tools for monitoring Hence I am assuming I must be missing something. Because couch base no doubt a fantastic solution.

Please help


The SG access logs will tell you the sync side conversation. BELOW is the general conversation that happens between the CBL and SG on a pull replication. So you just have to mine the logs and query them later to track down if a person synced or not.

Since its a log you can see WHO,WHEN & WHAT(data) was synced.