Camel Integration with CouchBase

I am trying to insert the data from local drive into couchbase bucket through camel.
can you please share with me a sample code?

Hi @kashajay,

there is a camel extension developed by the community which can be found here but it is based on the 1.x SDK, I don’t think there is a 2.x SDK port yet. But I’m sure you can look into it and figure out what you need and how to port it to the 2.X SDK accordingly. I’m happy to help on 1.x -> 2.x SDK port questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for response.

I tried the same code "

.setHeader(CouchbaseConstants.HEADER_ID, constant(“120770”))

.setHeader(CouchbaseConstants.HEADER_ID, constant(“123456”))

It is not preforming anything (delete and insert)for me. please suggest me.

@kashajay I don’t know what that code is, I am not familiar with camel at all. I can help you with couchbase-related code for sure though.