Couchbase for Java1.5

We have a Weblogic server compatible to java1.5 and we need to connect to couchbase from this.
Please suggest the suitable client.


Hi @shivayemula,

we do not support Java 1.5 or older, you need to upgrade to Java 1.6.

Keep in mind that even 1.6 was EOLed by Oracle Feb 2013, not to speak of 1.5 which was EOLed Oct 2009.

Hi @daschl, do we have any REST api to insert data directly to the couchbase bucket, instead of using a java client?

There is nothing like a REST SDK, but it could be a fun exercise to build on top of a regular SDK. The closest thing you’ll probably get is to use our NGINX integration: but it is not officially supported so your mileage may vary. In general users build APIs in their favourite language, since the requirements vary so much.

Agreed with @daschl, but I might think unless you need very high performance in a limited space profile, you might be better off putting together a REST interface with something like Spring Boot and Couchbase. This would likely need a newer JVM but may get around your deployment issue since it’s not a full app server in the same way.

An alternative solution if you don’t mind the overhead could be to use Sync Gateway’s REST API. It already provides Users and authentication(among other very cool things) that you would probably have to implement with your own solution.

Agreed @ldoguin. There’s a challenge there though in that you cannot use other Couchbase SDKs with the same data without using bucket shadowing and there is a slight mis-match between how Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway present an interface and how Couchbase Server does.

It depends on where you’re headed longer term @shivayemula. If you think you’ll have some other systems using an updated JVM and the 2.0 SDK or some other platforms, I’d probably not recommend using Sync Gatewy. If, on the other hand, you’re likely to introduce a mobile app, then you may want to see if Sync Gateway’s REST interface will work for you.