Invoking a N1QL query through java code

Hello everyone,
I have some java code which does some data manipulation and writes to couchbase using asyncBucket.insert(). After that I would like to run a N1QL script which I would like to call through the java code, I do not expect any response of some sort. I would like to just trigger that script simply through java code, what is the simplest and best way of doing this?

@CouchPatata I’m not sure I follow. Can you show us your current code and describe what’s not working vs. what you’d like to see happening? If you use async code and do not care about the result you still need to .subscribe() to it, since otherwise it won’t be executed.

Basically to keep it simple, I have a CB update script which updates every document of a specific type and Id like to call that script through my java code instead of going to couchbase and clicking run every time, thats pretty much it