Building Couchbase from source with BUILD_ENTERPRISE flag set


Would it be OK if I make an src-based build for Couchbase 4.5.1 with BUILD_ENTERPRISE flag set to true and use it for production (in terms of violating any license agreement)? I am not sure when Community is out for 4.5 and am not sure If Enterprise version would be approved at my org due to the high cost. So have to settle for src-based builds.


I am not a lawyer (and hence you shouldn’t take legal advice from me), but most of the publicly released source is under the Apache 2.0 licence and hence you can modify if as long as you keep o the licence conditions. Therefore you can set whatever build flags you like.

Note however that some of the components in Couchbase EE are not Apache 2.0 (and the source isn’t publicly available) - so your source build - even with BUILD_ENTERPRISE=1 set - will not include them.

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Thanks drigby. Much Appreciated. :slight_smile:


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