Couchbase bucket deleting itself abnormally

Just started using 1.0.2 scala API. When I fetch bulk data from couchbase, cb deleting that bucket I am fetching.
that is weird. I am attaching cb logs below. Why cb is deleting bucket after it got api from scala 1.0.2?

“com.couchbase.client” %% “scala-client” % “1.0.2”

Shutting down bucket "search-products" on 'ns_1@' for deletion
ns_memcached 000
8:57:34 PM   4 Mar, 2020
Updated bucket "search-products" (of type couchbase) properties:
menelaus_web_buckets 000
7:10:20 PM   4 Mar, 2020

Hey @eakarsu

Please provide a small self-contained project that replicates this.


It is my error. I have put drop bucket command accidentally in scala application. There is nothing wrong with it. Thanks for following up on this

Good to hear :slight_smile: