Azure. Could not listen: eaddrnotavail

Hi guys,

Could somebody give me a couple of hints on how to proceed.

I have recently started to learn Azure.
I have tried to deploy a Couchbase on machine running Linux (used Community Edition 3.0.1 VM image they have). While deploying i marked to open several ports (8091-92, 11209 - 112011) . I am now able to access Coucbase by machines public hostname (http://url:8091), but cant configure it.

To access this installation from outside id need to use public hostname or IP in “Hostname” field while configuring. For both of them Couchbase shout - “Could not listen: eaddrnotavail”.

What should i do??? I cant use private or localhost as nothin will be set to listen on 11210 and therefore port will remain/appear closed connecting from outside. How do you do it???

@arkadyb -

Here are some blog posts that are step-by-steps on how to host CB on Azure:

I would start there. Maybe @martinesmann can help?