Couchbase & multitenant

I’m working on a multi-tenant app, I’m at the beginning so there isn’t too much written yet…I already read the article written on the blog where you explain the 3 possibility (shared db, multi bucket and multi node)…I would like to ask the community if you never created a multi-tenant (saas) app with couchbase and if you have some advice, or maybe just explain something from you experience…I’m still not sure how to proceed, the idea was to use 1 bucket (I call it main bucket) with all the tenants and from there maybe use the other 9 buckets for all the informations, for example tenants with a namespace from A/D in one bucket, from E/L in another bucket ecc…from the main bucket I can get the information of the tenant and then I fetch my data from the right bucket…I think that maybe for some client I’m gonna use dedicated db if needed but this is the main idea…what do you think? Can be a good starting point? the data will be sensitive data, so I know that I need to create a good app that manage the security…knowing this, you think is better to change pattern and use 1 bucket per tenant (I know that in this case the cost will grow)? Anyone created a similar app?

many thanks