Android Service Max Throughput is running slow. Need help or any insite

Hi we are running couchbase-lite 2.7, couchbase-server 6.0 community, and sync-gateway 2.7 community, and we are having issues with the couchbase sync being slow on initial sync. We are using the max through put and whenever we schedule our job with just a job scheduler we get maximum through put of around 800 docs a second. but when we schedule it using an android foreground service the throughput drops to about 200 or less a second. The foreground service is killed as soon as the job-schedular is initiated but when the scheduler runs it is still running slow.

I would be interested to know how you are measuring throughput.
I would also like to know more about your application. Could you say more about your “Foreground Service”. How does the service communicate with other parts of the application? Also, I’d like to know what you to elaborate on “using the max through put”.
My first guess would be that you have something running, somewhere, possibly on a different thread, that is interfering with the replicator’s access to the database.