Sync Gateway performance slowed to 1/20 previous speed

I have a bucket with some 880K documents. Previously the initial sync was yielding about 1K docs per second. Since yesterday, the initial sync has been transferring about 50 docs/sec (maybe less). It is almost as if the default size dropped from hundreds down to tens per batch.

I am doing a pull sync. I have tested an old version of the client code, and it does not work at the previous speed. So I believe I/we somehow mucked up either the gateway config or the Couchbase behind it.

Is there wiki page somewhere that suggests what to look at when trying to speed up the sync?

Apparently the Android Emulator can build up Jank and the sync becomes slow. When I defined another emulator, viola! it was running quickly again.

The sooner I manage to get this beastie running on true Android hardware, the better.

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