Admin console document view fixed height

Starting in version 4.5 I believe, the document viewer (/ui/index.html#/document/<>) now has a fixed height of about 25 lines. This makes pretty poor use of screen real estate when viewing large documents. Is there any way to have the document viewer use the full height of the browser? Seems like it works this way prior to 4.5.


Thanks @jeffhoward001

Height is always a sticky issue when it comes to CSS :slight_smile: I know I can never get it right (I can barely get any CSS to behave the way I want it too).

I’m no CSS expert, but I’m seeing the same behavior you’re seeing. Instead of taking up all the space that it can, there are scrollbars.

Is there a particular use case you need a bigger view window or problem that this causes you? I’d be happy to create a ticket or help you create a ticket, but it would be good to have some specifics as to why it’s a problem to help justify. Thanks!

Hi Matthew, thanks for the reply. My best justification would be the same that applies to any modern web app. You want the ability to maximize the use of screen real estate. A real-world case for us is reviewing large documents during troubleshooting. The screenshot below shows what the document viewer looks like on no frills 1080p display. The problem is obviously exaggerated substancially for our developers on QHD/4K displays.

To add a little well-intentioned humor, I haven’t seen a data-driven screen limited to 25 lines since IBM’s VT100 emulators on the AS-400 15 years ago :slight_smile:

Especially when considering documents with nested arrays (like the example in the screenshot) 25 lines isn’t much. It also seems a little strange to limit the width, especially on the ad-hoc Query screen where real estate is prime for large result sets.

Overall, we work with some pretty big documents with nested arrays. Being restricted to 20% of the screen gets a little frustrating and seems a little out of sync with modern web apps.

Hope that help, thanks Matthew.

  • Jeff