Is there any limit of documents in a bucket?

I’ve got 27 million docs in a bucket and my views seem to work fine outside of some performance issues.

is there any limit of documents in a bucket?

We have a scenario of loading 1.8million documents, that was storing successfuly only upto 1.5m.

Another issue, When we write a basic view, its resulting into only 1535results, though more results (almost all) possible.

Through .net client also, we have verified that GetView is returning only 1535.

again, any limitation on number of documents and also on View results?

Please guide us with any resources, links - if possible.


note: We have also verified that the memory is NOT fully consumed(only occupied 25% of total) after pushing 1.8million documents.


You do not have any limit on the numbers of document (as soon as you have enough memory for the keys and disk for the document)

It looks like your problem is not a “size” issue but the way you are using the views.

Could you confirm that your view us publish in “production”?

If you still use the view in development you will have only a subset of the document except if you execute the query with full_set=true.