Additional VPC peering connection?

I currently have a VPC (aws) peered and working with a capella database. I am interested in peering another VPC to the same database but am concerned that I may affect the original configuration. There is nothing in the documentation (that I can see) that mentions peering multiple VPCs to a single database, however, the admin page that lists your peering connections appears to be a “list” and I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to…

Has anyone done this? Any concerns?

Hello user cjdbeans,

Multiple VPC peerings are supported in Capella as long as the CIDR blocks are not overlapping amongst themselves and with the Capella database CIDR.

You are right, our docs dont says so explicitly (we will improve it) but it is highlighted in a note that “If you create multiple networks in rapid succession, both the Linking and Provisioning states may be displayed as Failed at the same time” Otherwise, it should be fine.

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Thank you for the answer.

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