Connecting to Capella Cluster from AWS Lambda Function (NodeJS)

If AWS Lambda functions are Serverless, what IP Addresses are you suppose to use for the Capella Wide Area Network connections?

Using the SDK Example at the command line, can get working fine after temporarily adding my IP Address.

Hi Chris,

Good question! In order for your lambda function to connect to Capella, you will need to make sure it uses a static IP address so you can whitelist it.

This is more to do with the architecture of your application on the AWS side.
We would recommend setting up your lambda function with VPC that can route outbound traffic through a static IP.

This might be helpful:

Thanks Ally. I’ll have a look. But, sort of defeats the purpose of having a Serverless architecture needing to build infrastructure to solve the problem. I guess it is what it is…

Yes…that is quite frustrating that’s the way Lambda functions are structured so not much we can do on our end…let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile: