Using list of vIPs which point to different AZs

I wanted to ask if its possible to provide a list of vIps to couchbase during cluster initialization, these vips map to different clusters located in different AZs.
The thinking here is to rely on couchbase’s own connection phases to recover in case of loss of connection to one of the clusters.
If I have understood the contents of these docs: Connectivity phases it seems that in case of a failure cb will return back to the discovery phase, and our thinking here is that it will then use the nodes given by the second vip to establish a connection.

Can someone pls tell if that would be the case?
If not, how else can one achieve this level of high availability, allowing an app to connect to a second cluster in case of any major outage?

Hello @Carlos_Sanchez what you are seeking is what we call multi-cluster-awareness which is an enterprise feature. You might want to reach out to your sales associate to know more and get the engagement started.

Hello, thanks for the reply. I work for a big ORG that’s more than likely paying already for enterprise licenses. I was told that there is this multy-cluster-awareness feature on the SDK, would you pls point me to the documentation that explains how to take advantage of this feature?

@Carlos_Sanchez multi cluster awareness is part of a service engagement since there is a good amount of planning and discussion / architectural impact. If you talk to your account manager they are more than happy to help you with this!