Beginner special situation

I have an NativeScript app that uses Couchbase Plugin, I want to provide users who are using the app replication feature across their local network,
I don’t have knowledge of Couchbase Server and Sync Gateway,

I want to use Sync Gateway without Couchbase Server, and I want Sync Gateway always have the most recent database that produced from replication, meaning if a new device connected to the network, even if no else mobile is connected, it should get the most recent database.
Also, if computer shut down, the database still be saved and be persistent.

Thanks a lot

Sync Gateway requires Couchbase Server.

You can use Couchbase Lite in peer-to-peer mode without Sync Gateway, and treat one peer as a server. But this requires an enterprise license, and I don’t know if that plugin you’re using supports the p2p api.

@jens, The primary issue is Couchbase company does not do business with Iraq and I am from that country.
So, using Couchbase Lite Enterprise free downloadable demo for commercial applications in Iraq is illegal, right?

I’m no expert on our business practices, but you cannot use Enterprise Edition in a product without a license from us, so if we won’t sell you a license you can’t use it. Sorry!