5.5.2 unstable on macOS Mojave

I am facing an instability of Couchbase server 5.5.2 (and 5.5.1 as well), on macOS Mojave.
As it might be due to my configuration or the combination of tools in my environment, here is a brief description:

Couchbase Server 5.5.2 on macOS Mojave 10.14 (40Gb RAM), Erlang 21.1.1 (not sure if it matters), libcouchbase 2.10.0 (same), node.js 10.12.0 (idem).

All my buckets have a 2Gb RAM quota, which is I think amply sufficient (they are test-stage, so pretty empty). A fairly large number of indexes (several 10s). Indexing also has 2Gb Memory Quota.

More specifically, the server “dies” after just a few interactions with a single client. I have the “beachball” on the Couchbase icon during a few seconds, and the browser-based console cannot connect to the server any longer.

Any idea what’s going on? Would version 5.5 not work on Mojave? Anybody able to run sustainably any version of Couchbase Server on Mojave?

Thanks a lot.