XDCR missing items

Hello, I have two clusters, cluster A (couchbase 6.0) with 6 buckets, I replicate this 6 buckets on my other cluster B (couchbase 6.6) via XDCR.

Buckets 1 from cluster A 68 723 items => on cluster B 68 723 items (OK)
Buckets 2 from cluster A 502,968 items => on cluster B 502,968 items (OK)
Bucket 3 from cluster A 189 683 items => on cluster B 189 683 items (OK)
Bucket 4 from cluster A 10 035 647 => on cluster B 9 763 786 items (not ok items missing)
Bucket 5 from cluster A 156 854 771 => on cluster B 153 493 131 items (not ok items missing)
Bucket 6 from cluster A 375 738 147 => on cluster B 374 751 495 items (not ok items missing)

So there are 3 buckets with missing items and I don’t know why, replication is running since 3 days and there are always missing items.

Edit: Every 15 minutes, ≃20 items are replicate for bucket 4, why every 15 minutes ? why 20 items only ? not every items.

Hi [Sullivan1], could you please share logs from cluster A? Also are items being loaded continuously into all 6 buckets?

Hello, you want goxdcr.log ? items are being loaded continuously for bucket 1, 2, 3 and every 15 minutes somes items are loaded on bucket 4, 5, 6 (buckets with no all items)

All logs would be preferable…you can follow the steps here: Manage Logging | Couchbase Docs

Hello, sorry for my late answer. I can’t collect log like your link because it’s still stuck at 0% I don’t know why. I can extract some logs if you want.
I’ve created two new couchbase clusters and I have same problems big buckets don’t have same numbers items.
Source bucket: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Remote bucket: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You can see dev-stocks-movement problems.

I still have the problem, when I look into XDCR settings it’s says 100% replicate but I don’'t have equal items.