XDCR in couchbase for syncgateway buckets

can we use XDCR for syncgateway buckets? From some blogs , could see that XDCR is not for buckets which are used by syncgateway, i would like to know what are technical challenges we have for syncgateway buckets to use XDCR.
also do we have some docs for sg-replicator which used for replication in syncgateway.

Yes, but the remote cluster would have to be for read-only of Sync Gateway. Any and all documents Updates , Create & Deletes must go through SG at the source SG bucket.

You can do Master(SG@DC1)/Master(SG@DC2) replication with sg-replicator at both ends pointing to each other SG, but I recommend you test for expected results as multiple updates on a same document from different DCs might create high number of conflicts.

Thanks househippo, what is the technical challenges we have for updates in destination cluster if we use XDCR.
and can we use same buckets for both syncgateway and other sdk operation as multiple buckets would cause performance on cluster.