Sync Gateway for Server to Server Sync

Hello Couchbase team!
I am considering moving my “stock management” application from sql server to Couchbase.
My application is windows based(WPF), and is installed on geologically distributed stores. There are local servers that are synchronized with each other. In my country(Turkmenistan) internet provider doesn’t provide static IP address service. At this moment I am using an sql server installed on a Virtual Machine in internet(Azure), to sync all stores. So all local servers do sync with that(Azure) server.

So if to be short, I have to sync multiple servers with only one server with known IP address.
I have examined Couchbase server, and realized that XDCR is one way only, and because of unknown IP addresses on local servers, I can’t configure XDCR on remote server to send changes to local servers.

Finally my question is: Can I user Sync Gateway to achieve two-way synchronization from server to server, Or can somehow XDCR be configured to download changes from remote server.

Edit: Or even maybe I could initiate synchronization between two Sync Gateways


XDCR has been built for that, including bi-directional replication

I do not know where you have read that XDCR is one way only. May be something is not clear in our documentation. Let me point you to some interesting resources:

White paper :
Documentation :


Hello Tug!
Maybe I could not explain my situation.
The point is that I can set XDCR only in one(local) server, but not in Remote one, Because I cant access to my local server from remote one.
And as it is described in Documentation "Setting up bidirectional replication in Couchbase Server involves setting up two unidirectional replication links from one cluster to the other."
So now I setup XDCR in a local server, and it uploads changes, but changes made to remote server are not downloaded.
So the question is: Can local XDCR link download changes from remote server. So that after uploading changes it would collect changes made in remote server and download them.