XDCR between Linux and Windows

Sorry if it’s been discussed before but I couldn’t find anything in the forums.

In the Managing XDCR session there is a statement:

Ensure that all Couchbase Server versions and platforms match. For instance, if you want to replicate from a Linux-based cluster, you need to do so with another Linux-based cluster.

Is this a fact? Isn’t it possible to create a XDCR between a Linux and a Windows node, for example?


It would not be possible with Mac OS and other platforms because of a specific approach to how vbuckets are done. The main reason for this documented limitation is testing. To my knowledge, there is no reason it shouldn’t work but it’s not supported because we do not test such a scenario.

Right, so are there any tests I could run (the ones in the goxdcr repository for example)?

Plus, the other part of the statement is alarming too: the versions need to be exactly the same?

I mean, if I have a cluster with 20 nodes I’d need to get them all down and update at the same downtime?

Thanks for the answer!

The “versions” part I’d consider an issue in documentation. I know testing covers across versions. I filed DOC-1295 on this.

As far as testing between different clusters, I don’t think you’d use the unit tests in the goxdcr repo. I’d probably just recommend coming up with a way to read/write a set of test values on either side. If you use a seeded random, you can easily verify on either side.

That is, of course, not a replacement for full QA and support. If you have an enterprise subscription, I would recommend checking for specific recommendations for your configuration.