Wrong examples in documentation


Found below examples in above link. which are not valid as per Note: Do not use group with group_level because they are not compatible.

If you specify a group_level of 2 then you must specify a key using at least the year and month information. For example, you can specify an explicit key, such as [2012,8] :

You can query it for a range:

You can also specify a year, month and day, while still grouping at a higher level. For example, to group by year/month while selecting by specific dates:

Specifying compound keys that are shorter than the specified group level may output unexpected results due to the selection mechanism and the way startkey and endkey are used to start and stop the selection of output rows.

Not sure who “owns” this part of the documentation… maybe @akurtzman can help?
@gadipati notice there’s a “feedback on this page” on the lower right corner of the documentation, I think this is the most proper channel for you to raise such an issue. Did you use it?

Thank you for letting us know about this error in the documentation and using our new feedback button to report it. The feedback form created a Jira ticket and I assigned the bug to Ruth, who works on the views section of the documentation.