Wrong data from SDK, right data in web view

Hello! We’re currently moving over from our old 4.5 couchbase server to a new 6.6 one, and i’ve noticed a quite… weird bug sometimes.
It seems like the data we get from couchbase is sometimes old, we’ve updated the data (using an upsert, on the document), checked it from the web view, gotten the correct result, but when running through the SDK, the document is the not updated one.
Running SDK versions 2.2.6 and a few 2.5.1
Centos7 running on kubernetes
Couchbases running on centos7 machines too.

Hi @Magnus we interact again :slight_smile:

Thats quite weird, now are you sure that the information is not cached on your client side application ? In a KV operation you should not see this behavior unless you are explicitly caching data . What is the latency you are seeing ?