Development views started to return empty data


We are using .Net sdk 1.3.6 and couchbase server 2.2 for a long time and also using views.
Our views worked perfectly and always returned the expected data (using either development views or production views).

Yesterday, without changing any code, our development views stopped returning data and now we get data only when using production views.
We also tried to fetch the development views data using this web link for example:
and it did not return anything.
But , when using this one it worked perfectly:

We tried to re-create all the views an design docs without any success.

Are you aware to a couchbase problem related to the issue above?
Can you help us figure it out?

@Chenos -

From what you described, it sounds more like a Couchbase server issue than an SDK issue. It’s possible that the indexer perhaps hasn’t run yet since you have stale=false. Try setting stale=ok and running the query.


Tried. did not work to us