Windows 10 sync gw docker path not found -- rest.ServerMain() at main.go:26

I have spent at least 4 hours trying numerous ways to get a sync gateway docker container running in Windows 10. The basic instructions are from Docker Hub.
I have the 7.1 server container running ok. In order not to have a path issues I created the same path, c:\tmp and c:\tmp\config as in the example. I have my config file in both, tmp and tmp/config. I have tried numerous combinations.
Currently the error is: >

2022-08-10T20:15:58.641Z ==== Couchbase Sync Gateway/3.0.3(1;8187d9a) EE ====
2022-08-10T20:15:58.641Z [ERR] Couldn’t start Sync Gateway: Couldn’t open config file: path not found – rest.ServerMain() at main.go:26

Is there something in your image that assumes a Linux host only?
oh, also here is what I [currently] try to run it with:
C:\tmp>docker run --net=couchbase -p 4984:4984 -v /tmp:/tmp/config -d couchbase/sync-gateway /tmp/config/nat_sync_gwb.json

Hi @natgross,

Not that I’m aware of, our image doesn’t assume any OS. I don’t have a Windows machine handy to test this, but this seems like there may be an issue with your volume mount. Could you try firing up a shell container and check if you can see the files in /tmp/config?

C:\tmp>docker run --rm -v /tmp:/tmp/config ubuntu
$ ls /tmp/config

If you don’t see the nat_sync_gwb.json file there, then Sync Gateway won’t be able to see it either.

If I do:
docker run --rm -v /tmp:/tmp/config ubuntu ls /tmp/config
It returns nothing - blank.
But If I do:
docker run --rm -v /tmp:/tmp/config ubuntu ls /tmp
It does return:
which is the folder. Bit does NOT see any files even in tmp.

That sounds like an issue with volume mounts on Windows - I’d perhaps check the Docker Desktop settings, as well as search around to see if anyone else has hit that problem. Unfortunately I’m not a Windows user myself, so can’t really assist with this - if the Ubuntu container can’t see the files, Sync Gateway won’t be able to see them either.