Where to find my Sync-Gateway Config.json file?

Hi, i want to config my Couchbase Sync-Gatway Config.json file. but im not able to find it.
Where to find Couchbase Sync-Gateway folder for Config.json file to edit.

It looks like you are on a Linux variant? With the exception of RedHat/Centos5 the config file is located as described below:

If you installed Sync Gateway from a package, then a sync_gateway user account will have been created during installation and a config file copied there.

This is usually located in /home/sync_gateway/sync_gateway.json

To edit the config file first switch user to sync_gateway to preserve file access.

$ sudo su - sync_gateway

Once you have edited the config, restart the sync_gateway service or restart the server/container.

@andy Im using Ubuntu version, Here is my configuration details.

Im using Docker containers for Couchbase server and Synch_Gateway.

Here is my sync_gatway container bash. current path is opt/sync_gatway and here is sync_gatway file.