Why is Couchbase/N1QL Escaping JSON before save?

Hi team!

I’m using the Go SDK for couchbase, and I have a JSON to append to a map (an existing document ) in couchbase using N1QL. Here’s how the JSON is derrived in the Go program:

sampleData := struct{
  ID       string  `json:"_id"`
  Amount   int     `json:"amount"`

// converting Go struct to JSON
b, _ := json.Marshal(sampleData)

// using it in query
updoc := gocb.NewN1qlQuery("UPDATE bucket SET field = ARRAY_APPEND(field, $1) WHERE type = 'mytype' ")
_, err = Bucket.ExecuteN1qlQuery(updoc, []interface{}{string(b)})

The UPDATE query works, but when I checked the data in couchbase, I found out the JSON was escaped, the format is as this:

// the doc returned from couchbase-server 

Any reason why its doing that? Cause I can’t Unmarshal it back to a struct when fetching again from the database.

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Did u tried not doing string(b)

Yeah, I did that while passing the parameter for the query:

_, err = Bucket.ExecuteN1qlQuery(updoc, []interface{}{string(b)})

You want as array of objects not a array of strings (string inside string is escaped).

_, err = Bucket.ExecuteN1qlQuery(updoc, []interface{}{b})

Oh… sorry I read your reply wrongly, I’ll try that now and revert

This didn’t work either, it instead saved the bytes as string example:


Try creating slice of sampleData and Marshall slice