Backward slash not getting ESCAPED


I want to add: " (double quotes) in my N1QL query. Tried using \ (backslash) as an escape character but it didn’t work. Is this not the correct way to escape, because I couldn’t find anything on forums.

N1QL Query: select raw meta().id || “”:["*"]" from bucket limit 1 ;

expected result: “Logs::000110F5-11C9-498A-80C5-8C8C0FDCE7B6”:["*"]
actual result: “Logs::000110F5-11C9-498A-80C5-8C8C0FDCE7B6\”:[\"*\"]"

The Couchabase server version I’m using 6.0.0.

Thanks in advance.

SELECT RAW 'Logs::000110F5-11C9-498A-80C5-8C8C0FDCE7B6' || '":["*"]';
SELECT RAW  "Logs::000110F5-11C9-498A-80C5-8C8C0FDCE7B6" || "\":[\"*\"]";
"results": [

Double quote inside string is escaped with \

Apologies for the typo, I have edited my question. I don’t want the backslashes in the result, what I’m trying to do is make a generic query of _purge call on for syncgateway admin API.

" results": [

I am not sure what you expecting valid JSON string. Check out 2.5 of