Why huge mutations on an itemless index

Hi, I have a problem on a cluster of 6 nodes, I have a bucket with 350 million iteams, and a series of indexes to execute queries, very often index mutations prevent queries from giving me results, one of the most anomalous behaviors I’m experiencing is the presence of Mutation in the index that does not contain Items, can you help me to avoid having all these Mutations?

Apologies for the delay here, are you applying any “scan consistency” options within your queries? This is what allows you to tradeoff performance (give me the fastest answer) or consistency (wait until everything is up-to-date):

Here is an example for Java, but there are examples available for other SDKs as well: Query | Couchbase Docs

You may also want to consider implementing scopes and collections so that you can separate the indexes for different tables/types of documents which will help isolate the index processing from documents that don’t need to be in the index.

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