Couchbase Index Mutations on larger set of data causes Indexer service unresponsive

hi @vsr1 ,

We have a requirement where an index is used for huge set of data , some 1 million records.
The data is inserted in patches of 0.1 million and index is able to build the data.

There is one more flow in which there is an edit done on the indexed data and it causes mutations on the index built. We have noticed that these mutations bring the indexer service unresponsive sometimes and other times it impacts all other indexes and every other query stops working.

Index : CREATE INDEX groupIndex ON abcBucket((distinct (array val for val in items end)),ranking,modifiedOn DESC,userId)

items is an array that contains larger data.

Capacity : 3 Index node of 8 Core Cpu clubbed with Eventing. We don’t see any major spike in memory or CPU

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 3.54.57 PM

Above one indexing whole array not sure what is your query look. Adjust your index accordingly.

Hi @kaintharinder , I hope the index advisor has resolved your problem.

If not, please check that the enough memory quota is allocated to the indexer.

Please attach cbcollect logs if you want us to debug this further.


@kaintharinder Would be great if you can share the cbcollect logs for us to analyse. Thank you!