Why created index status doesn't get ready?

Hello guys
I created an Index ( WebChannels ) but as it shows in the below screenshot it has not any plans to get ready.

I’ll appreciate if somebody could help me.

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Issue build index command

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Thank you but I couldn’t find anything to resolve the problem.
as you can see in the screenshot, I created many indexes without any problem and the statuses of them got ready.
I did the same job for creating this index but the status instead of “ready” got “created” (very fast and without showing any indexing process ).
In addition, I could run queries on the index. It’s somewhat slow, maybe everything is OK, or maybe Couchbase used an index that covered all data in this index. ( parent index)
so I need to know what’s the difference between created status and ready status and if “created” status has any problems how I could resolve that.
thank you very much.

You need to issue build index command. cc @deepkaran.salooja

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@zarrin, can you post your create index command. For the UI screenshot, its showing as a defer_build:true index, which means you’ll have to explicitly execute a BUILD INDEX as @vsr1 suggested.