When the indexes will turn to ready state an d become Green

Hi All,

I’ve created few indexes through couchbase workbench under “Indexes” and I can see the indexes are mostly staying at “Warm-up” state(Orange). What needs to be done to make the indexes mobilize to the “Ready” state(Green).

Or this indicates the index can’t be utilized by any queries running in that specific bucket. Basically, they’re secondary indexes created to replace the primary indexes. I would like to know when the indexes stay at warm-up.
Could someone help me ? Thanks.

@mdsardar , Warmup status indicates that the indexer process hosting these indexes is not able to finish its bootstrap completely. You will need to check the indexer.log under /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs for errors or you can share the log file here.

Thanks for your time. It was defer_build index. I executed the query build command and it turned to green.